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    Omega Armada



    The Omega Armada, founded on Stardate 88918.27 (April 24 / 2011), began by a

    group of players who became frustrated by inactivity and bad leadership. We

    have spent the last 4 years building one of the most sophisticated fleets within the

    STO community.


    In many of our journeys around the stars, we have met other Captains who simply

    are not interested in joining a fleet due to bad experiences.. To you Captain, I say

    you must join us; this fleet was created because of the same reason you left your

    last fleet.


    We believe in simple, yet effective means of fleet operational management, built

    around REAL PEOPLE and their REAL LIVES. Over 90% of our fleet consists of adults

    with Real Life obligations.


    Average Age Group: 25 to 50


    We do not have requirements, just that you behave and act mature, like any good

    Starfleet officer. Also, you are not forced into work. For players that just want to log

    and play, we have no issues with that.


    Only when members wish to take an active role in leadership will they be required

    to take responsibility.


    Benefits of the Omega Armada


    • A Mature & Friendly Community
    • Simplified Policies Built Around Real Life
    • Team Speak 3 *Not a Requirement*
    • A Divisional Structure - Positions Are Open
    • Weekly Events
    • Weekly Awards
    • Both FED & KDF Fleet
    • Tribble Test Fleet 

    --- But most of all, we provide a great fleet experience ---


    Please use the Fleet Finder and search under "Omega Armada" 

    The search engine is found in the "Social" menu